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Recurrent Cutaneous Bullous Lesions: Think of Fixed Drug Eruption!

Salma Salim*, Mariame Meziane, Nadia Ismaili, Laila Benzekri, Karima Senouci, Kaoutar Znati, Amina Tebaa and Badredine Hassam

Fixed drug eruption is the only pathognomonic clinical form of cutaneous drug reaction. It is an eruption made of one or few centimetric lesions, relapsing in the same area and leaving residual pigmentation. The bullous forms of fixed pigmented erythema are rare but can be serious in case of generalized forms. The management of this situation is based on the immediate interruption of the suspected drug, the notification to pharmacovigilance, and the hospitalization in case of extended forms with symptomatic treatment. The prevention consists in the identification and total eviction of the responsible drug. We report a rare and original case of bullous fixed drug eruption in an adult, and we discuss its diagnosis, management and prognosis.

Published Date: 2019-02-26; Received Date: 2019-01-29