Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia

Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia
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Recent Trends in the Epidemiology of Liver Abscess in Western Region ofUttar Pradesh: A Retrospective Study

Wasif Mohammad Ali, Imad Ali, Rizvi SAA, Rab AZ and Meraj Ahmed

Liver abscess remains an important clinical entity. It is the most common intra-abdominal visceral abscess. It has become one of the most common communicable diseases with much more prevalence in underdeveloped and developing countries. Low socio economic conditions, unsanitary habits, immuno-compromised state and alcohol abuse are significant risk factors for amoebic liver abscess. A total of eighty-nine patients are included in this study all with confirmed diagnosis of liver abscess. Multiple variables were determined, such as the patient’s general data, personal, pathological and non-pathological records, symptomatology, vital signs, laboratory tests, cultures, antibiotic therapy, treatment, and follow-up until discharge. In past few years, it has been seen that there is a slight change in the incidence and appearance of this disease. These changes prompted us to study the patients of liver abscess in this region of northern India.