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Recent Advancements in Synthesis and Applications of Amino Acid Ionic Liquids (AAILs): A Mini Review

Verma C, Ebenso E and Quraishi M

Recently, amino acid ionic liquids (AAILs) have attracted increasing attention in the field of catalysis, solvents for separation science, cellulose dissolution and chemical transformations because of their non-toxic, biodegradable, biocompatible and low production cost. Several AAILs based on imidazolium, phosphonium, ammonium and cholinium ionic liquids have been widely employed in materials science, modern chemistry and bioscience. Some recent application of the AAILs includes heterogeneous catalysis, CO2 capture and solvents for chemical transformation, cellulose dissolution, extraction and separation processes. Several experimental and computational techniques are being employed to gain insight about the proper understanding of their physiochemical properties. The AAILs showed high thermal stability as compared to the pure ionic liquids which is attributed to the strong Van der Waals forces and hydrogen bonding (noncovalent bonds) which make them as solvents for high temperature reactions. Generally, AAILs show decrease in viscosity, refractory index and density and increase in the conductivity on elevating the temperature. Most of the AAILs are liquids at room temperature and their glass transition temperature (Tg) decreases with increasing the size of the side chain length. Because of the increasing number of the literatures dealing with the synthesis and applications of AAILs, a review article describing the basic information and recent applications of the AAILs is highly considerable. In view of this, in presence review article we describe the collection of some major reports available on the synthesis of AAILs with little highlights on their applications.

Published Date: 2018-09-24; Received Date: 2018-08-06