Rationale of English and Soft skills for Students of Higher Education | Abstract

Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Open Access

ISSN: 2319-8834


Rationale of English and Soft skills for Students of Higher Education


English- a signature language of instruction and Language- A tool of communication got transcended civilization and culture across the universe. When the language is foreign it becomes indispensable for effective learning and for better expression. Way back since independence Indian subcontinent has been craving to master English language as it emerged as not just the language of class room but the language of opportunities. Students are countering many forms of receptive difficulties nevertheless they are professional learners and these complications are compounded at professional level. Hence this paper tries to take an insight in to the problems being faced by students in professional colleges. It is an urgent requirement to understand this as a basic issue on part of teacher educators to make students feel that English language is as easy as any other language to grab opportunities in globalized economy. The present discussion focusses on English language that has seen its greater importance as a medium of instruction in analyzing and interpreting sentences of any other technical subject for better results technological scenario and to perform in the affirmative. Many surveys and findings show that despite there are sources inordinately, both teachers and students are not satisfied so that the students are ready for exposure. It is a smooth trial to reach out to the students by successfully encountering delivery problems regarding content, language gaps and communication barriers.


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