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Psychiatry 2019: A study of dental diseases in psychiatric patients: Is there a relationship? - Ayman A Elhadad - Menoufia University

Ayman A Elhadad


Oral health is an essential part of general health. There is proving that patients suffering from mental illness are more vulnerable to dental neglect and poor oral health. Orodental diseases seem to be poorly recognized by psychiatrists, and oral health is no exception. Psychiatric disorders affect the general behavior of a person, impair the level of functioning, and alter perception toward oral health. Eating and sleeping patterns take precedence over personal hygiene, making them susceptible to many oral diseases. The two diseases that have a major impact on the oral cavity are dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease (gum disease).

Patients & Methods:

This is a study of dental diseases in psychiatric patient’s comorbidity in Abha Psychiatric Hospital in Aseer region that is located at the southern area of Saudi Arabia, which is a high-altitude area of about 2500–3000 m above sea level. A written concent is obtained from every patients or first degree relatives in case of children. This study included all patients attending the Abha Psychiatric Hospital, which served a population of about 2 million persons during the period of 1 Hijri year of 1437. Data of all patients in the hospital during this year were reviewed, including age, sex, nationality, inpatient, or OPD patient. This hospital is the only governmental hospital with OPD and inpatient departments serving the area together, with some private hospitals and polyclinics giving outpatient service only.