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Journal of Anthropology Reports
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Psychiatric Induced Births in Jamaica: Homicide and Death Effects on Pregnancy

Nilesh Pardhe, Paul Andrew Bourne and Angela Hudson-Davis

For this paper, the researchers have narrowed the gap in the health literature by addressing the following objectives: 1) evaluate the role of homicide on admissions to a maternity hospital (or on pregnancy); 2) assess whether or not deaths can induce pregnancy or birth; 3) determine the responsivity of hospitalization at a mental health facility among pregnant women; and 4) calculated the responsivity of hospitalization to a maternity institution based on changes in homicide or deaths. The data for this study were taken from a Jamaica Government Publication. Data were also obtained from the Ministry of Health (2005-2015) on admissions to a national mental health public hospital in Jamaica, which is the Bellevue Hospital. The period for this work is from 2005 through to 2015. Homicide has an effect on admissions to Victoria Jubilee hospital, using the positive elasticities, especially those greater than one.