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Procrastination and Self-Esteem-A Gender Based Study

Eisha Gohil

Procrastination is most often considered to be the irrational delay of behavior. Procrastination not only affects student grades, but also academic performance. It prevents students from reaching their objectives and goals; it inculcates a sense of discomfort, as things start accumulating. The present study aimed to assess how gender effect procrastination and self-esteem in university students. Sample encompassed 101 participants (51 female and 50 male) in the age range of 21-24years collected from University of Jammu. Lay’s General Procrastination scale for student population and Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem scale were used as tools. Results indicated no significant difference between male and female on procrastination however significant difference was found on self-esteem across gender. The mean scores indicated that female participants had increased level of self-esteem than male participants.