Journal of Ocular Infection and Inflammation

Journal of Ocular Infection and Inflammation
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Primary Tuberculous Dacryocystitis: Two Case Reports and Review of Literature

Sima Das and Smriti Bansal

Tuberculosis is one of the commonest infectious diseases affecting major population of developing countries. lacrimal sac tuberculosis is one of the rare entities. We report two such cases of tuberculous dacryocystitis where intraoperatively unhealthy looking lacrimal sac clinched the diagnosis. Histopathological features such as caseous and epithelioid granulomas were suggestive of tuberculosis which was further confirmed with systemic evaluation. Antitubercular therapy was started, and patients were asymptomatic on follow up visits. A systematic Medline search was done, and we could find only 15 such cases reported in literature. A review was done, and summary of all cases are included in the article.