Preventive Maintenance Optimization and Opex Impact in Oil and Gas | Abstract
Journal of Coastal Zone Management

Journal of Coastal Zone Management
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Preventive Maintenance Optimization and Opex Impact in Oil & Gas


Organizations often consider maintenance as just a necessary cost, yet a focused and competent maintenance strategy delivers significant value by ensuring assets operate reliably and are available to produce product in accordance with business needs, and at the optimal lifting costs.

Organizations are now developing Operational Excellence strategies in order to maximize asset performance and Opex lifting costs, by taking part to this seminar we will explain how to optimize maintenance PM and Organization based on real case study from offshore, and demonstrate that the appropriate actions for an organization can be achieved by focusing on reliability, PM optimization at asset level and also in terms of organizational to reduce major budget consumers (Logistic costs, Maintenance costs, POB costs, etc…). 


-               Introduction

-               PM Optimization strategy in a multi-level assets

-               Maintenance Workforce Organizations

-               Impact of Optimization in terms of OPEX

-               Overview of Market Weakness on Maintenance

Published Date: 2020-11-27;