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Preventive Approach of Corruption

G.S. Venumadhava and Mayuri Sahay

Corruption in India is a foremost matter that harmfully affects its economy. Transparency International’, an organization that monitors corruption all through the world, ranked India as the third most corrupt country in the world. Every third person accomplishes his or her work by restoring to bribery. Corruption is a moral atrocity, so why has it today become a status symbol. Corrupt individuals walk with heads bent low. Are the Indians who are going to become economic super power not able to see this larva that is making the country hollow from within, It seems that corruption has become socially accepted. Corruption is a burning issue in India. The fact that corruption is not being eradicated and that the corrupt ones are roaming freely goes o show how far our moral values have declined. The way in which educated individuals and the youth have supported Anna Hazare was astounding. More broadly, the problem of corruption seemed to correspond to phase of rapid social transformation. It adequately demonstrates that the general public is fed up with corruption and wants to see concrete steps taken for its eradication. The study will identify what is the root cause for corruption. To understand how it is extent for us and how can we combat against corruption. In common parlance corruption is cancer for our society and we have to medicate it somehow. This paper indented to understand the phenomena of corruption and its harmfulness to the society.