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Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections and Associated Risk Factors among School Children in White Nile State, Sudan

Mohammed A Suliman, Abdalmoneim M Magboul, Hafiz Y Mohammed, Abdelhakam G Tamomh, Husameldin A Bakhit, Sara A Altoum and Shawath M Ahmed

This prospective cross sectional study was conducted in White Nile State during the period of September 2017 to estimate the prevalence of intestinal parasite infection among schools children. Among the 253 stool samples tested, the overall prevalence was 56.9% (144/253), with higher prevalence in Hagar Asalya School 80% (64/80), followed by Al Kadogly School 52.4% (44/84) and Al azhari showed 40.4% (36/89). The commonest intestinal parasites among the schools children were E. histolytica 31.2% (79/253), G. lamblia 22.9% (58,253) and H. nana 2.8% (7,253). The most infected age group was (10-13) with prevalence of 43% (108/253). Females were more infected than males, p-value=0.0001. There was significant correlation between intestinal parasitic infection and sources of drinking water, hand wash after toilet. Whereas, no significant association was observed with father education, mother education and toilet availability.