Post Mastectomy Pain is No Longer Nightmare | Abstract
Journal of Pain Management & Medicine

Journal of Pain Management & Medicine
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Post Mastectomy Pain is No Longer Nightmare

Elzohry AAM, Elhamed MFA and Mahran MH

Background: PMPS nowadays is common due to advances in both; diagnosis and treatment of cancer breast. Choosing proper treatments can improve the patients’ quality of life. Cancer breast is common and quite important disease and female in our family must be aware of it. Improvement of the diagnosis and treatment PMPS lead to increased patients satisfaction and decrease fear of cancer breast.
Objective: Discuss different methods for management of PMPS with less side effects, adequate analgesia, improvement of quality of life, and better patient satisfaction in the future.
Methods: Treatment approaches include both pharmacological interventions and non-pharmacological strategies. However, current treatments of the PMPS are near-optimal and prevention much better than treatment.
Conclusion: Continuous perioperative thoracic epidural Fentanyl–bupivacaine infusion was much better in pain relief, less sedating effect and shorter duration of hospital and ICU stay than continuous perioperative entanyl intravenous infusion in patients undergoing major upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery.