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Polyphenol-Rich Food Colourant G8000™ Inhibits Gut Microorganisms in vitro and Increase Number of Bowel Movements in Humans

Peres, RC, Gollücke, APB, Marcelino MCS, Santana AA, Sartori, FG, Ribeiro, DA, Rogerio Correa Peres*, Andrea Pitelli Boiago Gollucke, Marcelo Cristiano Silva Marcelino, Amanda Ayres Alexandre Santana, Flavio Garcia Sartori, & Daniel Araki Ribeiro

G8000 is a natural polyphenol rich food colourant obtain ed from grape juice . We investigate d the antimicrobial potential of G8000 in different gut microorganisms in vitro and assess G8000 effects in the intestinal transit of healthy volunteers. Antimicrobial activity of G8000 was tested by agar diffusion and m inimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) assay. Additionally, 15 healthy individuals consumed G8000 daily for 28 days and t he number of bowel movements was assessed. The results of the microbial growth in agar showed antimicrobial activity of G8000 against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, but not agains t Escherichia coli or Candida albicans . As for the MIC assay, G8000 was able to inhibit all tested microorganisms at different concentrations . The number of daily bowel movements increased fro m 0.81±0,47 in day 0 to 1.31±0,47 after 28 days of G8000 intake, in average ( p =0,02). We conclude that G8000 demonstrated specific antimicrobial activity with possible association with increased bowel movement . Keywords: - Natural food colourant, grape, po lyphenols, antimicrobial activity, gut microorganisms

Published Date: 2015-05-01;