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Plastic Surgery Conf 2019: Landmarks for achieving desired and long lasting results in facelifts- Pedro Nery Bersan- Hospital Madre Teresa, Brazil

Pedro Nery Bersan

Surgical rejuvenation of the face and neck has been a constant concearn amoung Plastic Surgeons. Several tecniques have been described over the years, in attempts to treat and correct the effect of time and other factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure, radiation, etc, over skin, SMAS, fat and bone layers. Although most of these efforts either present a limited result or a very short lasting one, other, especially those based on sub-SMAS, deep plane facelifts, have reproductible and long lasting results. Nonetheless, regardless of the approach chosen by the surgeon among those proven to be effective, some landmarks of face and neck tissue repositioning must be observed in order to achieve a patient pleasing and consistent result in every operation.

Published Date: 2020-07-25;