Peculiarities of Applying of Documentary Principle of Media Practice | Abstract

Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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Peculiarities of Applying of Documentary Principle of Media Practice

Maria Komova

In today's conditions documentary communications system is substantially transformed in accordance with the forms, means of information convey, based on the use of information technology and Internet communications capabilities that impact the efficiency of information exchange and its optimal use. Improving social phenomena caused by the weight of document management communication processes in the system of social communications, creating a new generation of storage, processing, distribution and use of information based on virtual technology. Operation of the document in the society covers all areas of human life associated with both a reflection of reality, and with its purposeful change, all aspects of public relations. Information war for the reality of form and content of documents, for accurate and objective reflection of reality, by exposing various imitations and strengthening the legal status of these documents became magnitude as their right to legal existence became increasingly claim not documents, but their counterfeits. Due to this conflict confrontation spread through the media associated with evidence of exposure and refutation of specific fraud.