Patient Satisfaction Survey at Wad Medani Dental Teaching Hospital, Gezira State, Sudan | Abstract
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Oral Health and Dental Management
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Patient Satisfaction Survey at Wad Medani Dental Teaching Hospital, Gezira State, Sudan

Alfadel Ameer A, Abdelmontalib Razaz A, Nasir Iglal B, Mageet Adil O

This study is a descriptive cross-sectional conducted at Wad Medani, Dental Teaching Hospital, Sudan. Aim: The study aims to estimate the level of patient satisfaction of available services and facilities at Wad Medani dental teaching hospital Methods: The sample size was 100 patients. A structured questionnaire obtained the information; all the respondents agreed to participate in this study, giving a response rate of 100%. Most of the patients who underwent the study were women (56%). Results: The overall patients 'satisfaction rate was (61%), and the dissatisfaction rate was (39%). The areas for satisfaction were the residents', doctors (79%), respect for what the patients said (85%), getting approval before treatment (77%), explain the treatment plan in a clear way and the explanations that residents provided (70%). The areas behind the dissatisfaction were with cleanliness in the hospital (59%), evaluating the waiting time after registering to enter the clinic (44%), evaluating pharmacy services and providing medicines (51%), assessing of the radiology service (35%). Conclusion: Assessment of patient satisfaction and the impact of collecting patient information is essential to build up strategic quality improvement plans. The resulted report provides the opportunity for the Dental Teaching Hospital managers and policymakers to yield a better understanding of patient views and perceptions, and the extent of their involvement in enhancing the quality of dental healthcare services. Furthermore, managers should implement effective changes by unfreezing old behaviours, introducing new ones, and re-freezing them for better dental healthcare delivery.

Published Date: 2020-06-29;