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Optimum Pattern of Compost used for Reducing Energy Consumption in Mushroom Production

Elham Hassanpour, Jamal-Ali Olfati and Mohammad Naqashzadegan

In mushroom production it is necessary to design a growing pattern to balance yield against cost and to reduce energy use. Effects of use of multiple layer of compost in cultivation on energy consumption in mushroom cropping rooms were examined. Treatments included 1 layer (control), or 2, 3 or 4 layers of compost applied at the mycelium running stage. Numbers of compost layers did not affect fresh weight of mushrooms, number of mushrooms, yield and biological efficiency but hastened pinheads formation. Since there were no differences between layers of compost and control on yield and biological efficiency it appears that 2 layers will be sufficient to improve time to pinhead formation without negative effect on yield.