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Occupational Fraud Models: A Comparative Analysis and Proposed Expanded Model

Jennica Moore*

The purpose of this paper is to perform a comparative analysis of three existing occupational fraud models: the fraud triangle, the fraud diamond, and the fraud scale. The first part of this analysis includes a discussion about the components of occupational fraud and the theoretical framework used to explain its occurrence. Secondly, all three occupational fraud models are compared and weaknesses are discussed. After a comprehensive analysis of the current models is complete, a new model is presented. This new model combines the strengths of all three previous models, as well as adds an additional component – organizational culture. This analysis demonstrates the need to expand on and revise the current models to include organizational culture. Organizational culture can deter or invite people to commit occupational fraud. Some existing models include organizational culture within a small subsection of opportunity, however, results of this analysis suggest the benefit of separating organizational culture into its own distinct section.

Published Date: 2020-06-10; Received Date: 2020-04-04