Journal of Food Processing & Technology

Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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Nutritional Evaluation and Sensory Characteristics of Biscuits Flour Supplemented with Difference Levels of Whey Protein Concentrates

Mohammed AA, Babiker EM, Khalid AG, Mohammed NA, Khadir EK and Eldirani

Proximate analysis and amino acid profile were carried for biscuit flour and whey protein. The gluten quantity and quality was tested for biscuit flour and biscuit flour-whey mixture with different concentration 0, 5, 10 and 15% whey. The results of the proximate analysis showed that there was no difference between protein 11.3% and carbohydrate (74.87%) for biscuit flour and protein (11.7%), carbohydrate (74.47%) for whey. The moisture content of biscuit flour was 10.97% which was higher than whey (5.47%) with highly significant difference at level of (p>0.05). The fat and ash contents of Biscuit flour were significantly (p>0.05) lower than the other one. The biscuit flour had lower content in essential amino acids especially limiting amino acid (Lysine) compared to whey protein. The gluten quantity and quality was affected by supplementation with whey and decreased with increased the concentration of whey. The overall quality of biscuits made from mixture showed high acceptability, Biscuit flour blended with 10% spray-dried whey showed best biscuit.