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Nutrition and Brain Development in Early Childhood

Dr (Mrs.) Florence A. Undiyaundeye

A majority of children born in less developed economies are exposed to the risk of under-nutrition and several millions of these children die annually from preventable causes. Nutrition during and after pregnancy is crucial to proper brain development and it lays the foundation for cognitive, psychomotor and socio-emotional achievements. This paper exposes through review of the likely effect of nutrition on the brain development of young people. It has been observed that under-nutrition influences brain development and it affects the neurodevelopmental process. It also influences brain development which in turn affects the child’s experiences and socio-emotional dispositions. It is therefore crucial for government and others concerned with the worth of children to emphasise a balance nutritional programme in order to enhance proper brain development among children. This can be achieved through programmatic aid policy foundation aimed at ensuring that all children are properly feed especially during gestation and shortly after delivery.