Journal of Data Mining in Genomics & Proteomics

Journal of Data Mining in Genomics & Proteomics
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ISSN: 2153-0602



Nitrogen Base Sequence Analysis and Characterization of Mutations in Gene Coding Region That Can Lead to High Levels of Resistance in Tuberculosis Patients in Jayapura, Papua Province-Indonesia

Rosye H. R. Tanjung and Yohanis Ngili*

The disease of tuberculosis in Papua Province, Indonesia, is very high based on data at the Papuan Provincial Health Department. The geographical and demographic conditions of the Papuan population cause the eradication of the disease more difficult. One cause of the development of this disease is the presence of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance. This study was conducted by analyzing samples from sputum of TB patients. The increasing number of HIV/AIDS sufferers has caused TB disease, WHO categorize as reemerging disease, especially in Papuan province of Indonesia, the number of people with HIV/AIDS is highest in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to get information on MDR-TB relationship with coding genes, and review the results of several studies of M. tuberculosis genotype on isolates in Jayapura, Papua Province-Indonesia. Here, we reported that a change in nucleotide C1363A (Pro535His) in sensitive M. tuberculosis of several antituberculosis drugs demonstrated that only a few mutations in the rpob gene caused resistant properties. The results of this research open a new path paradigm focused on mutations in the area of gene promoter and noncoding region.

Published Date: 2019-03-25; Received Date: 2019-01-28