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Navigating Learner Attitude towards Hiv/Aids: Contingent Valuation of School Heads and Teachers Perceptions.

Ephias Gudyanga

This study purposed to assess the school heads’ and teachers’ perceptions about their pupils’ attitude towards HIV/AIDS. Ten teachers, and two heads, each from a different school, were conveniently selected from Shurugwi district, in Zimbabwe, to participate in the study, having satisfied all critical ethical considerations. Teachers completed a questionnaire partly based on essay narrations on how they perceived the behaviours of their pupils. School heads were interviewed, following all critical issues of a good qualitative design. Participants concurred that pupils do still engage in unsafe sexual activities tantamounting to risks of HIV infections. The illegal gold panners, sugar daddies and mummies are the most prevalent perpetrators. Parents, schools, faith-based organisations, and the Ministry of Health need to work out concerted efforts to curb the decadency of morals, virtues and vices in spite of poverty, peer pressure being some reasons why unsafe sexual activities amongst school pupils are still prevailing