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Nanoparticles as Emerging Therapeutics for Coping Antimicrobial DrugResistance

Navnit Kumar Mishra

Emergence of antimicrobial drugs resistance to traditional antibiotic compounds is a global problem with considerable challenges predict ted for treatment of many serious bacterial infections. The drug resistance against common antibiotics has gain resurgence in developing novel therapeutics such as nanoparticles against microbe. Some nanoparticles have been observed previously to have antimicrobial properties. Although the biological basis for this effect is currently unknown, it is hypothesized that quantum interactions within the cell play vital role in the regulation of RNA transcription relating to both coding (relating to genes) and non-coding (structural RNA) regions of the genome. These transcripts interact and establish an intracellular communication in the bacterium Escherichia coli. Their interaction can be unfolded by the application of nanoparticles. The response in terms of bacterial growth and RNA expression upon the exposure of the nanoparticles can be evaluated. Furthermore, the site of nanoparticle incorporation within the bacterial cell and the potential intracellular transcript interactions has been hypothesized.