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Nano-Particle Preparation from Ligno-Cellulose Based Banana Peel Biomass as a Tool of Nano-Biotechnology

A.B.M. Sharif Hossain

Biomass is organic, plant or animal based source of material that can be converted into different forms of bioplastic materials, biofuel and bioenergy using different biotechnological procedures. Biomasses can be the source of biomaterial products such as bio-plastics, bio-film, bio-plastic based materials, bioethanol as anticeptic and use of cosmetic industries, bio-chemicals, bio-fuels, bioelectricity in the agro-industry, pharmaceuticals, biomedical and bioengineering aspect. This study was conducted to prepare nano-cellulose sized paricle for the multiple use in the industry. Nanopartical size was found 50nm and compared with the standard. Cellulose was found higher in nanosized particle than without nanosized particle. However, pH was found alkaline of nanosized particle which was under the standard value. Current results can conclude that it is possible to prepare banana peel lingo-cellulosed based nanoparticle.

Published Date: 2015-06-18;