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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Municipal Solid Waste Management in Imphal Town, Northeast India: A Critical Analysis of Existing Management Practices and Proposed Action Plans

Ishwar Chandra Yadav and Ningombam Linthoingambi Devi

Rapid growth in urban population coupled with economic growth and rise in community living standards has resulted in generating huge amount of municipal solid wastes in various Indian cities. The present study evaluates the status of existing solid waste management (SWM) system in Imphal town of Northeast India and feasibility of SWM plan. It revealed that the present system of SWM is not appropriate and highly unsatisfactory based on Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules-2000. There are many shortcomings in the existing system of municipal solid waste management (MSWM). Imphal town generates about 120 tonnes/day of solid waste, and is projected to rise about 170 tonnes/ day by 2035. About 40-50% of that waste is collected by the management authorities while rest of it remains uncollected. In the absence of sanitary landfills, solid wastes (SWs) get dumped in the open places, creating nuisance and unhygienic conditions. This may resulted in a high risk of contamination to different environmental compartments including soils, groundwater/surface water, and air leading towards human health hazards. The newly proposed future strategies and action plans by Imphal Municipal Corporation to combat the deficiencies in the existing MSWM systems will prove to be satisfactory and feasible provided its immediate and successful implementation.