Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering

Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
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ISSN: 2168-9873



Multi Scale Modeling and Failure Analysis of Laminated Composites

Uniyal P, Gunwant D and Misra A

In present study a multi scale modeling and failure analysis of laminated composites is performed. for micro level study Rule of Mixtures and Halphin-Tsai equations are used to determine lamina properties. Off-axis failure strength of lamina for different volume fractions are calculated using Finite Element software ANSYS. Finite element analysis results are compared with analytical results and published experimental results. In macro level study of laminates first ply failure load of laminates is calculated using ANSYS and compared with analytical results. Various failure theories i.e. maximum stress theory, maximum strain theory, Tsai-Wu, Tsai-Hill and Puck failure criteria are implemented. First ply failure load for different lamination schemes are calculated for uni-axial and Bi-axial loading conditions.