Journal of Ocular Infection and Inflammation

Journal of Ocular Infection and Inflammation
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Minor to Chronic Eye Disorders Due to Environmental Pollution: A Review

Gupta PD and Anbazhagi Muthukumar

Eye is the most vulnerable organ to atmospheric and environmental insults. Though, naturally eyes are structured to protect itself from foreign objects such as, dust, wind, and very bright light, for the purpose of vision they need to remain open. Chronic exposure to toxic pollutants via air and water damages the eye from minor irritation to retinal bleeding. Taking a shower in water contaminated with chemicals can degrade eye health and vision slowly over the time. Exposure to increased noise, flood light sources, global warming, intense infra-red and UV radiations too damages our vision. Since eyes need protection from these hazardous environmental pollutants, this review recommends further detailed scientific study to understand the ways and means for protection.