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Method to Fit Paris Agreement for Protection of Global Warming

Shoichiro Ozaki

Fossil fuel burn releasing 360 billion tonne heart and carbon-dioxide. Burning reaction is reverse reaction of carbon-dioxide assimilation. If we can compensate the generation of carbon-dioxide and heart of burning with the absorption of carbon-dioxide and heart by carbon-dioxide assimilation, global warming will be protected. To promote carbon-dioxide assimilation, supply of nutrient N and P is essential. 14.4 billion tonne NOx is produced when fossil fuel is burned. Many governments are eliminating NOx as pollution gas. Carbon-dioxide assimilation is retarded and 142 billion tonne carbon-dioxides is increasing each year. Large amount of N and P in drainage is eliminated using much electricity. If we stop elimination of NOx and N, P in drainage, 10 billion tonne carbon-dioxide emission will be saved and 142 billion tonne carbon-dioxide can be fixed to protect global warming. NOx in exhaust gas and N, P in drainage should be released as it is. Promotion of carbon-dioxide assimilation is most important subject for protection of global warming. Elimination of law which forced to eliminate nutrient N,P and study on agitation of sea water are important subjects for the protection of global warming.