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Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism
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Metabolic Syndrome May be a Sign of Rapid Aging

Gordon Kunbuma Tachang

The metabolic syndrome [MS] is a combination of the most dangerous heart attack risk factors. Several definitions have been suggested with the most acceptable being the IDF definition while the most recent is the Joint Interim statement. Irrespective of the definition used, the MS Several studies point to the metabolic syndrome as a potential target to avert aging. Some predisposing conditions that increase in prevalence during aging are actually the indicators or determinants of the metabolic syndrome (MS). Besides, very relevant to promoting normal aging is the prevention and treatment of MS and cardiovascular disease [CVD]. From the Biochemical, pathophysiological and hormonal stand points, the metabolic syndrome can be considered as a sign of rapid aging. It can thus be stated that the metabolic syndrome is a sign that the individual is aging faster. Preventing and treating this global time bomb should rekindle normal aging by decelerating rapid or premature aging.