Mental Health and Healthcare Provision in Zambian Correctional Facilities | Abstract
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Mental Health and Healthcare Provision in Zambian Correctional Facilities

Chinyama J* and Menon JA

Objective: The aim was to determine the prevalence of Axis-1 mental disorders and healthcare provision in Zambian correctional facilities.

Purpose: To determine the prevalence rate of Axis-1 disorders, mental health problems and access to mental healthcare provision in Zambian correctional facilities.

Methods: 240 inmates from three different types of correctional facilities namely: Two maximum security facilities, one medium and minimum correction facilities respectively. 240 inmates were interviewed using the Mini Neuro-psychiatric Interview, Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being scale and demographic questionnaire.

Results: The prevalence was 71% for current, past and lifetime Axis-1 disorders. However, for current Axis-1 disorders, the prevalence rate was 46.2%. Combined (current and past) Axis-1 disorders prevalence was 63.3%. major depressive episode current was the most prevalent 47, 19.6%, psychotic disorder current 38, 15.8%, psychotic disorder lifetime 18, 7.5%. Major depressive episode past 17, 7%, substance dependency current and Post-traumatic disorder at (14) 5.8%, Manic episode current 5, 2.1% and the rest below 2% respectively. With WEMWBS mean at 50.7, when the mean scores from the three correctional facilities were statistically compared, results indicated that inmates from minimum (50.7) showed good and stable mental well-being compared to medium and maximum correctional facilities whose inmates recorded poor mental well-being.

Conclusion: There is high prevalence of Axis-1 disorders in Zambian correctional facilities. The majority of these inmates remain undiagnosed, untreated and stigmatised. Inmates in Zambian correctional facilities are not screened for mental health problems and disorders at point of entry, during incarceration and exit point. Mental healthcare provision is almost nonexistence across all the correctional facilities. There is urgent need for the line ministries and other stake holders to refocus their attention to greater awareness and provision of mental health services focusing on holistic interventions that address mental health and disorders in Zambian correctional facilities.

Published Date: 2019-06-26;