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Mastalgia among Saudi Women in Western Region, KSA and Related Risk Factors

Suleiman Jastaniah, AlHassan Al-Maghrabi, Amaal AL-Dosari, Areej Alghamdi, Ashjan Attiah, Fatimah Najjar, Fawziah Alsalmi, Haneen Al-Maghrabi, Nabilah Sulaimani and Samaher Refae

Mastalgia (defined as self-reported breast pain, unilateral or bilateral for a period of not less than two months) is one of the symptoms that might affect young ladies who seek medical advice. Method and Results: Pretested questionnaire was used to collect data. 418 ladies aged (18-45 years) were included in the study, 340 had unilateral or bilateral breast pain for a period of not less than two months, either localized (54%) or generalized. 19.7% had the pain for more than 10 times per year. (77%) of those ladies were used to drink coffee once daily, (13%) of them were using contraceptive pills, and 49 patients were smokers and all of them had breast pain. (60.8%) were obese with significant P value (0.003). Conclusion: Mastalgia is common among the Saudi population. Providing a good healthcare and preventing the risk factors will reduce the number of ladies visiting the outpatient department (OPD). The management should start with lifestyle changes, education and reassurance.