Journal of Neonatal Biology

Journal of Neonatal Biology
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Management Congenital Colonic Stenosis

Raashid Hamid, Imran Ali, Nisar Bhat, Aejaz A Baba, Gowhar Mufti and Sajad A Wani

Background: Colonic Stenosis (C.S) is a rare entity. It has been reported either as an isolated disorder or in
association with other anomalies like Hirschsprung’s disease, craniofacial and musculoskeletal abnormalities. This
survey was conducted to study the clinical profile and challenges in the management of this rare anomaly.
Material and methods: Retrospective analysis of 6 patients diagnosed to have colonic stenosis during
2007-2014. The diagnosis was confirmed in 5 patients during the surgical exploration.
Results: In one patient colonic stenosis was detected pre-operatively. In most cases X-ray findings included
multiple air fluid levels and absent gas in pelvis. All the patients presented in neonatal period. One patient had
ascending colon, one had transverse colon, 2 descending colon and 2 patients had sigmoid colon stenosis. In 5
patients resection anastomosis was done and in one stoma was formed. All the patients are on follow-up and are
doing well.
Conclusion: Colonic atresia should always be kept in mind while managing cases of suspected partial /complete
intestinal obstruction in a neonate.