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Male Out-Migration and Remittances for Households Left Behind in Northern Ghana

John Agyei

Out-migration has assumed importance as a household livelihood strategy and serves as insurance against risks as conceived by New Economics of Labour Migration Model. In view of this, household heads who undertake outmigration maintain links with their households left behind irrespective of the distance involved. This paper focuses on the dynamics of this migratory pattern and effects of the resulting remittances on the welfare of those left behind. The primary data were obtained from households using questionnaire as well as guides for in-depth interview and focus group discussion. A multi-stage sampling technique was employed in the selection of 150 households. The findings indicate that migration results in remittances which support the households left behind. It was also found that bulk of remittances is used on consumption rather than investment. The paper therefore, concludes that male out-migration is mainly a coping strategy, as remittances are primarily used to meet basic needs.