Liver Abscess: An Assessment of the Outcome with Various Treatment Modalities | Abstract
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Liver Abscess: An Assessment of the Outcome with Various Treatment Modalities

Vikas Sankar Kottareddygari*, Suma Surya, Sreeramulu PN, Prakash Dave and Naveed Ahmed Khan

Aim: To evaluate the clinical presentation and to compare the various treatment modalities for the treatment of liver abscesses.

Materials and methods: Over a period of 3 years, 24 cases of liver abscesses were studied retrospectively. Complete clinical details including clinical presentation, etiology, investigative work up and treatment with morbidity and mortality of all patients were reviewed.

Results: Among the 24 cases, 18 were male and 6 were female, age of the patients ranged from 23-70, mean age of 58 years. 15 patients underwent pigtail catheterisation using Seldinger technique, 5 patients underwent USG guided aspiration and 4 patients received empirical therapy alone. No major complications were encountered. A patient on empirical therapy was converted to laparoscopic abscess drainage while another patient treated by USG guided aspiration had to undergo pig tail catheterisation for recurrence.

Conclusion: In our experience, those cases presenting with abscess and collection of less than 100 cc can be managed with antibiotics and antiamoebics alone, collection more than 100 cc can be managed most of the times with ultrasound guided aspiration but requires follow up with imaging to rule out recollection while for collections more than 200 cc a pig tail catheterization is warranted.