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Oral Health and Dental Management
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Literature Review on Adaptation of Fixed Prosthesis Metal Infrastructure

Éber Coelho Paraguassu, Ulisses Gomes Guimarães Neto, Alan Mesquita dos Santos,Carolina Pantoja Calandrine de Azevedo, André Fabricio da Costa Oliveir, Karina da SilvaFigueira.

This article aims to carry out a systematic review of the current medical literature on the adaptation of structures of prostheses on prefabricated implants or melted in titanium, before and after laser welding. It was used as methodology a scan was carried out on the main indexing platforms for scientific articles. We found 40 articles on the subject; however, 24 had a low impact factor or index on the Qualis platform below B2 and were discharged. According to the method employed and based on the results obtained in the literature for the two techniques studied, it was concluded that the monoblock technique is safer than the distal bar technique since this technique promotes less or no distortion which would promote stresses on the implants.

Published Date: 2019-06-30;