Link between Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Diseases | Abstract
Cardiovascular Pharmacology: Open Access

Cardiovascular Pharmacology: Open Access
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Link between Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Diseases

Kharb Manju, Rathi Shikha, Jalwal Pawan

Over the last decades, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) effect is increasing very fast. This review article discuss the association between low level of 25-hydroxy vitamin and cardiovascular diseases. This review also tells us the direct effect of vitamin D on heart or on cardiovascular system may also be involved. Apart from regulating blood pressure, vitamin D also regulate endothelial and smooth muscle cell muscles, most studies support 25 (OH) vitamin D having protective effects on cardiovascular system. However this association of vitamin D and cardiovascular diseases is based on observation & ecological studies and thus is a matter of controversy. Adequate clinical data are not available to confirm these association. Unopposed activation of RAAS & generation of angiotensin promote arterial stiffing & endothelial dysfunction that proceed & contribute to the development of hypertension & also predictors of CVD risk.

Published Date: 2019-02-25; Received Date: 2019-02-02