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Dermatology Case Reports
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Linear and Whorled Nevoid Hypermelanosis: A Rare Case Report

Paras Choudhary, Patki Anil H and Salunke Tejaswini

Linear and Whorled Nevoid Hypermelanosis (LWNH) also known as ‘zebra-like pigmentation’ is characterized by linear and swirling streaks of hyperpigmentation along the Blaschko’s lines without preceding inflammation and atrophy. It is mainly located on trunk and limbs. The hyperpigmentation may be present at birth or may develop by early childhood. Hyperpigmentation may progress for one to two years before stabilization. The eyes, palms, soles and mucus membrane are usually not affected. LWNH generally occurs sporadically. Very rarely, familial cases have been described.

Published Date: 2019-02-08; Received Date: 2019-01-29