Level of Knowledge among Doctors and Nurses against Lassa Fever and the Control Mechanisms in FMC, Umuahia | Abstract
Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology

Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology
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Level of Knowledge among Doctors and Nurses against Lassa Fever and the Control Mechanisms in FMC, Umuahia

Onyenwe Chinyere Patience, Ezugworie Flora Nnenna*, Ajaegbu Eze Elijah, Ogbonna Chineme Florence, Iloabuchi Lucy Chineye, Dieke Adaobi Janefrances, Onah Gloria, Nwaobodo Angel Chineye and Ugochukwu Jane Ijeoma

Background: Lassa fever is a zoonotic viral infection caused by rodents and is presently endemic in some part of Nigeria. The cross infection prevention and control measures practiced by doctors and nurses in Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Umuahia in Abia state was assessed along with the readiness of the health workers on the current Lassa fever outbreak.

Methods: Well-structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. Data on the level of knowledge of respondents and their risk perception on the outbreak were collected and the proportion of risk perception was estimated.

Results: One hundred and one respondents were recorded, 97 (96.0%) were aware of the current outbreak, 46 (45.5%) are aware of person to person transmission while 41 (40.6%) are not. Risk perception among doctors and nurses is up to 90.1%, 5.9% are not but 4% are not sure whether they are at risk. Up to 89.1% of the respondents are educated on the precaution measures while others are ignorant of them. Always sanitizing of hand after contact with patients recorded 79 (78.2%), 76 (75.2%) always change their hand gloves between patients, 37 (36.6%) always use facemask while attending to patients, 87 (86.1%) always wear their hand gloves while handling patient’s body fluid and materials, 62 (61.4%) always wear their personal protective equipment while caring for patients. The rate of readiness of doctors and nurses in FMC Umuahia Abia state was rated over 100% and only 43 (42.6%) are ready for the outbreak, others are not prepared.

Conclusion: From all indication, there is a gap in the flow of knowledge on prevention and cross infection control measures among doctors and nurses in FMC, Umuahia. Refresher training should be conducted and adequate preventive equipment made available.

Published Date: 2021-04-08; Received Date: 2021-03-19