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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Length-Weight Relationship of Crescent Perch Terapon Jarbua (Forsskal)from Parangipettai Coast, South East Coast of India

Manoharan J, Gopalakrishnan A, Varadharajan D, Udayakumar C and Priyadharsini S

The present study investigates the length-weight relationship of T. jarbua from east coast of India. A total of 210 individuals was collected from Parangipettai landings centre. Lenght-weight relationships were collected for all specimens sampled. The results obtained were: Log=0.4141+1.4229 log L for males and Log W=0.0977+1.6745 log L for females. The growth exponential (b) values were different for both sexes, an isometric growth (b=3) and a negative allowmetric pattern (b<3) were observed in males adfemales respectively.