Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination

Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
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ISSN: 2157-7560


“Oral Vaccine Antigen Induced Immune Response Signalling Pathways: Current and Future Perspectives”

Anoop Kumar, Neelima Sharma, Sneha Singh, Sasmal D and Abhimanyu Dev

Vaccination is the most promising approach to control and prevent the infectious diseases. As most of pathogenic microrganisms gain entry through the mucosal surfaces of host which provide great deal of interest in developing oral vaccines. Despite the success of many vaccines, only little information is available regarding the oral vaccine antigen induced immunogenic signalling pathways. Such information will be helpful to design future vaccines against old and new infectious diseases to reduce the side effects of existing vaccines and increase their efficacy. In this review, the oral vaccine antigen inducing complex signaling pathways of immune system has been discussed. Various stra