Kimuraandrsquo;s Disease of the Nose: An Unusual Presentation. | Abstract
Journal of Allergy & Therapy

Journal of Allergy & Therapy
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Kimura’s Disease of the Nose: An Unusual Presentation.

Leena Balachandar and Sana Khan

Kimura’s disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of unknown etiology. Kimura et al. in 1948 first reported this disease usually presents in Asian males in their 2nd to 4th decade as a mass in the head and neck region. Coexisting lymphadenopathy, eosinophilia and raised serum IgE levels, also renal involvement in some cases. Our patient is a 49 years old male with swelling on his nose following trauma, with elevated AEC and IgE levels. Excision biopsy revealed it to be kimura’s disease. Kimura’s presenting as a soft tissue swelling in nose without any nodal involvement is not common in the Indian subcontinent. We present this case for its rarity.