Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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ISSN: 2319-8834


Job Satisfaction among Police Personnel: A Socio-Demographic Study

L. Lokesh, Swati Patra and S. Venkatesan

This cross sectional survey seeks to profile the degree, spread or extent of various facets of job satisfaction against identified personal socio-demographic variables on a purposive sample of 687 police personnel hailing from 17 police stations in Mysore Urban District, Karnataka, India. The 36-item Likert Scale of Job Satisfaction Survey covering 9 facets revealed mean score of 129.85 (SD: 21.38;60.12%) which is interpreted as ‘ambivalence’ on the measuring instrument. This sense of uncertainty is reflected across socio-demographic variables except gender and number of dependents although within the same expressed bandwidth of ambiguity (p: <0.05). A facet-wise and item analysis show highest source for job satisfaction emerge from their nature of work, supervision and camaraderie with co-workers, whereas the source of their dissatisfaction stem from non-availability of rewards, low salaries, poor perks, lack of promotions or benefits and wanting work conditions. The findings are presented and discussed in the light of a need to undertake job satisfaction research on a larger continual basis for updating and optimizing the available human resources in the police organization.