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Single Cell Biology
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Is 'Hanging Drop’ a Useful Method to Form Spheroids of Jimt, Mcf-7, T-47d, Bt-474 That are Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Yılmaz Ö and Sakarya S

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that has an extremely complicated structure. Recent studies have shown that breast cancer is common invasive cancer and unfortunately, its prevalence have been rising in women. Therefore, scientists use established cell lines in the laboratory for modelling and finding therapy. Spheroids which is known microtumors, it is well characterized models to mimic the natural environment. There are many devices which have been designed for forming spheroids. In this study, the 96-well hanging drop culture plate was chosen to form spheroids of the breast cancer cell lines JIMT, MCF-7, T-47D, BT474 at density of 2.5 × 104, 5 × 104, 7.5 × 104, 105 cells/well. Cells were imaged daily to check for aggregation and cell proliferation. Spheroid formation occured within 72 hours. The fluorescence microscope examination revealed that the morphological appearance of 3D spheroid was cell line dependent. In this study, more cells were used compare with the protocol that is given from manufacturer. The importance of our work is that spheroids were formed first time at high density. *