Is Ageing Related to Shrinkage of Heart: A Hypothesis | Abstract
Journal of Aging Science

Journal of Aging Science
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Is Ageing Related to Shrinkage of Heart: A Hypothesis

Adarsh Chauhan and Ishita Chauhan

At the start shrinking of body is explained by citing article of Louise Atkinson in which she says your body is one incredibly shrinking one from your brain to your heart –almost everything gets smaller with age. Present article also argues around the concept of shrinkage and its correlation to locally acquired wisdom. Pain in back and neck is described in relation to shrinking of muscles. Brain shrinkage and bony shrinkage is discussed along with measures to prevent it. Heart shrinkage (John Hopkins study) is linked to chest wall shrinkage (community acquired knowledge) through anatomical continuity between heart and thoracic wall. Results of study conducted to assess various aging parameters reveals that chest wall including its attached muscles shrinks towards the core of body i.e. heart and finally article discusses the clinical implications of the ageing phenomenon in backache, sympathetic activation, cardiovascular aging and dietary habits. Cardiovascular aging is described in detail in reference to recent Cedars Sinai hospital study of cardio-sphere derived stem cells and reversal of aging process.