Review of Public Administration and Management

Review of Public Administration and Management
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ISSN: 2315-7844



Iraqs Public Administration Policies: An Overview

Cosmina Ioana Craciunescu

Abstract The field of public administration has become over the course of the recent years, a very important one, being concerned primarily with political organizations, the definition of the implementation of government policy. It is centrally concerned with the organization of government policies and programmes, as well as with the officials in charge of the administrative systems. As for the geographical choice, Iraq was chosen particularly because it reflects the interest of the author, but also because its area of governance did not have yet the chance to be thoroughly studied. Another motivation for the choice resides with the fact that the waves of conflicts that took place in Iraq eventually modified the system to some extent, as well as the presence of the Islamic State in the area. The article is focused on the measures taken by the government in order to bring about the changes that are needed in Iraq, as well as providing a description of the projects that are implemented to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes. It was found that the projects influenced the system to some extent, but there are still more actions to be undertaken in order to bring the country to a stable line.