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Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology
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Investigation of In Vivo Effects of Trichomonas Vaginalis on Visceral Organs

Akyshbayeva Kulbarshin, Shumkova Elmira, Ramazanova Bakyt, Kushugulova Almagul, Khassenbekova Zhanagul, Shynggys Sergazy and Mamatova Alia

Background: Urogenital trichomoniasis (UGT) is the most common sexually transmitted disease in Kazakhstan. Association of T. vaginalis infection with the development of ascites and multiple visceral abscesses was shown in experiments with intraperitoneal injection of infectious material. The effect of T. vaginalis on visceral organs in natural infection is unknown.
Materials and methods: T.vaginalis effect on visceral organs was assessed with the model previously developed by us ("The Method of Urogenital Trichomoniasis Simulation", patent application No. 06 331 dated April 1, 2016). It was ethically carried out on animals with the approval of the KazNMU Ethics Committee (Registration No. 191). The material for histological and cytological studies was prepared in accordance with the conventional methods.
Result: The changes was found in all visceral organs, most pronounced in hepatic parenchyma: parenchymal degeneration and necrosis of hepatocytes, significant edema with cellular infiltration in the portal tracts and separation of blood plasma from the formed elements in blood vessels representing changes in rheological properties of blood. Expressed changes were also observed in renal tissues. Less pronounced changes were observed in lung tissues.
Conclusions: The results of our study showed high activity of T. vaginalis in visceral organs.