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Invasive Pulmonary Arpergillosis with Intracranial Involvement

Anum Latif, Abdul Mannan, Hafiza Rafiya Shahid

Background: Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis is a rare entity especially with intracranial extension. Patients usually
present with nonspecific signs and symptoms and need a high index of suspicion and prompt treatment because of
high morbidity and mortality.
Case Description: 45 years old male patient presented with generalized symptoms diagnosed as pulmonary
aspergillosis and later he developed neurological symptoms and found to have an intracranial spread of the infection.
Conclusion: Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis with intracranial involvement is a rare entity and needs a high index of
suspicion for diagnosis. Also, it carries high morbidity and mortality.

Published Date: 1994-12-04; Received Date: 2019-09-15