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International Journal of Waste Resources
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In-situ Phytoremediation of Arsenic from Contaminated Soil

Odey Onah Francis, Liu Xiang and Odey Emmanuel Alepu

Arsenic contamination in the world is worrisome, excessive and increasing. In this study, the research was designed for the remediation of arsenic polluted soil site in Beijing China using in situ treatment method (phytoremediation). Chelating agents ethylenediaminedisuccinic (EDDS), and citric acid (CA) were used to aid the hyper accumulator to enhance quicker extraction rate. A hyper accumulator Chinese brake fern (Pteria vittata) was used with the additions of EDDS and CA at different ratios. The result obtained from the treated soil were analyzed and compared. It showed significant increase in the extraction of Arsenic (As). About 3.55 mg/kg of As was detected in the treated plant biomass whereas the control has 0.98 mg/kg. It was suggested that solubility in the soil after treatment readily for uptake was 3.9 mg/kg. The control plants and the Corn however, had little absorption. It will be more promising, to select hyper accumulator which naturally possess higher biomass and are plants of local and natural origin to peculiar location