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Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences
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Akunne C. E., Ononye B. U. & Mogbo T. C.

Insects are small creatures that are unavoidable by humans and other animals, their impacts in the universe are so numerous that they cannot be exhausted. This paper has its focus on these tiny but conspicuous creatures (insects), which most people see as enemies. It reveals some hidden facts about insects, and describes them as both friends and enemies. Insects at some stages of their life are involved in activities that are both friendly as well as harmful e.g. the honeybees which are beneficial to humans but tend to be harmful when aggressive. As a result of the benefits man gets from friendly insects, he conserves them so as to maximize profit. The status of insects as either friends or enemies has been a long case of controversy; this paper, however, makes new contributions towards this controversy. The war against insects started many years ago, but the insect pest management seems to be the best approach in controlling the harmful insects. Insects are highly indispensable in the ecosystem and cannot be totally exterminated rather they develop resistance to some of the measures used in controlling them.

Published Date: 2013-06-07;