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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Influence of Initial Aerobic Decomposition on Vermicomposting of Paper Mill Wastes Amended with Saw Dust and Cow Dung

Devjani Mohapatra, Sahoo KK and AK Sannigrahi

Paper mill wastes, though a hazardous wastes due to presence of different heavy metals, attract attention of researchers due to its huge availability as unwanted products, presence of good quantity of organic materials and society’s concern on environment pollution. Structural and Nitrogen amendments of Paper mill wastes are basic necessity at the initial decomposition stage for making it palatable to earthworms as well as for effective vermicomposting. This experiment was conducted for finding out the requirement of minimum possible time for initial aerobic decomposition of waste paper based paper mill wastes amended with saw dust and cow dung, either alone or in combination during its vermicomposting using Eisenia fetida earthworms. It was found that the amendment of Paper Mill waste with saw dust and cow dung in 1:0.5:0.5 ratio when processed through initial aerobic decomposition at least for 14 days with two turnings at 7 days interval, became very suitable for growth and survivability of earthworms and produced nutrient rich best quality vermicomposts which ultimately supported good growth of paddy seedlings. More turnings of bed materials help to reduce the concentration of heavy metals in vermicomposts through leaching loss. Addition of saw dust and cow dung as structural amendments with paper mill wastes increases both primary and secondary nutrients in vermicomposts prepared using Eisenia fetida earthworms.